Welcome to the year 2020

Sigh!, I’ve been having an awesome year! (being sarcastic). How’s 2020 treating your so far? I know #Covid19 has been trashing everyone’s hopes this year and the fact that I had to restart this website from scratch is just the beginning.

Oh well I thought it be a great thing to start over when it comes to this website. Well why not? it’s 2020 everything’s pretty much down and right now I am looking for something a bit positive to do. I bet we are all stuck here at home anyway right?

So what are the plans for 2020 this year or at least for this website. The theme will still stay the same. The concept is that if I find something that needs fixing that I know I can fix. I will share it here for you to learn and figure out yourself.

From the previous website I shall bring back 2 of the most popular articles there so that we can bring a bit of new viewers back to the website. Other that than I really won’t be making an effort to market this unless you figure otherwise.

For every blog now on this website, I shall add a bit of audio so that there is something for you to listen to if and when required. But the bottom line is stay safe out there. I know it’s not been fair since it does look amazing out there right now but this invisible enemy is making us all stay at home.


If you just want to listen and don’t want to read! LOL
Bryan Agoncillo with my Daughter Athena.

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